5 Ways to Become a Goal-Getter

Think back to when you were 5 years old. You’d wear your “superhero cape” and fly off the back of the couch to go save the world. You felt like you could do anything!

But then what happened?

You grew up, and your fun, “can do anything” mentality left the building.

This year – 2017 ­– is the time to reclaim that youthful exuberance for reaching your goals … and then do it!

Whether your goals are personal or professional, here are 5 ways to turn into a master goal-getter.

Set Your Goal

All successful people have something in common. They’re intensely goal-oriented, and you can learn to be goal-oriented too.

Sometimes, just setting the goal is the hardest part.

Make sure the goal motivates you and that the stakes are high for you to reach it. Write down your “why” … why is this goal important to you? And how would you explain it’s importance to others?

Also, your goal should not be vague (e.g. to reduce overhead, to lose weight). The goal must be clear, well-defined and time-specific.

Put It in Writing

Putting your goal on paper is incredibly powerful because it makes it real.

The words you choose matter. Example: I will grow my business by 10 percent this year is much more powerful than: I would like to grow my business by 10 percent this year.

Also, keep it motivating. Rather than: “I will reduce team member turnover,” do: “I will keep all existing team members through first quarter.”

Important: Don’t stuff the paper in a drawer. Keep it where you’ll see it so that the goal is top of mind.

Ditch the Procrastination

I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it next week. I’ll do it after (insert your favorite excuse).

Playing the procrastination game is the biggest deterrent to reaching our goals. Why do we procrastinate? Because of that awful four-letter word: FEAR.

How can we stop thinking and start doing? Start with the hardest task of your day first. Get it out of the way and lighten the load off your shoulders. And … have a sense of urgency in reaching your goal.

Focus on Your Health

Your health is one of the most important things you have. When you’re healthier, you’re happier. When you’re happier, you’re more successful.

Need a healthy push in the right direction? Just Hit Reset. This is a super simple 10 Day Program that will reset your mind, body & mojo.

Have a Vision

You’ve heard the word “vision” thrown around, but what does it mean … really?

A Vision is simply your mindset and expectation. It’s how you see, hear, and feel yourself performing any given goal.

Having a vivid, clear and powerful Vision is the key to moving effortlessly toward your goals.

Check out the bestselling book on Vision & Self-Motivation that’s like a personal  “owner’s manual” for success: “Mach2 With Your Hair on Fire.”

Ready to become a goal-getter in 2017?

No procrastination … let’s all do tip #1 today: SET THE GOAL. Then, it’s onward and upward. Challenge your friends and colleagues to set their goals too and share this post with them.

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