5 Ways to Better Serve Your Patients During Oral Cancer Awareness Month


Did you know?

Early diagnosis of oral cancer can yield a cure rate of up to 90%. With roughly 49,750 new cases of oral cancer in the U.S. each year, dentists play an important role in prevention, early detection and patient education.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month – the perfect time to think about how you can better serve your patients’ oral healthcare needs.

Here are 5 ideas to try …

1. Community Outreach

Raise oral cancer awareness and make a difference in your community by arranging an office event where people can walk in and get screened during a certain timeframe.

Or, consider an out-of-office public event in a parking lot at a local drugstore.

Check out oralcancerfoundation.org to add your event to their website, discover more ways to get involved, and download promotional forms.

2. Provide Patient Education

The death rate of oral cancer (9,750 deaths each year) is higher compared to other common cancers because it’s often not discovered until later stages.

In fact, 70% of oral cancer cases are not found until Stage III or IV.

A surprising 58% of adults are not aware of the signs and risk factors of oral cancer (with the exception of tobacco use as a risk factor).

Adopting a protocol at the office for patient education regarding oral cancer can help with early detection.

3. Help Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment Find Relief

Patients currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation often suffer from mouth sores. Because cancer treatments impact the body’s immune system so severely, patients become more prone to mouth sores.

These sores can appear on the lips, tongue or roof and floor of the mouth, causing pain and discomfort while eating, talking and even breathing.

We often hear from our dental pros how much their patients find relief with our Super Relief Dental Gel, powered by healing aloe vera, folic acid, zinc and Oxygene®.

4. Screen at Every Checkup

According to the “2016 Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Survey,” only 37% of survey respondents recall being screened for oral cancer at their last dental checkup.

Furthermore, 83% of respondents said they’d like to be screened for oral cancer at every checkup, and 86% would like their dental pro to talk to them about oral cancer.

If there isn’t a regular screening policy in place at your office, now’s a great time to adopt one!

Patients are sure to appreciate this, especially new patients who were used to getting screened at every appointment by their past provider.

5. Help Patients Establish a Oral Routine 

Oral Cancer Awareness Month can be another incentive to motivate good oral health routines in your patient’s lives.

Brushing twice a day, flossing and using quality dental products will always be the key to maintaining good oral health.

Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash is our most popular alcohol-free mouthwash for a reason. Besides its unique and refreshing blend of essential oils, it contains aloe vera to moisten the mouth and comfort the gum tissues, plus Oxygene® and zinc for powerful deodorizing action.

Recommend this powerful mouthwash to your dental patients so they can ditch dry mouth and have fresher breath as they work on quitting the habit.

Thank you for partnering with Oxyfresh. Together, we can all make a difference in the fight against oral cancer.

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