5 Ways to Kick Your Soda Habit

Even dental pros ­– people held to the highest standard of good oral health – aren’t immune to certain vices, like soda!

What’s not to love? It’s bubbly, fizzy, and just seems to hit the spot with certain crave-worthy foods like popcorn and pizza.

 We all know by now what soda does to our bodies. But instead of what it does, we think the better question is: how can we quit?

 Whether it’s your own habit or a habit of your patients, here are 5 ways to kick a soda habit to the curb.

 #1: Make Water Your Bestie

 Instead of drinking a whole can of soda, mix half of it with water. This will retrain your taste buds to stop craving so much sweet.

 Also, before you crack open a soda, drink an entire glass of water first. You may find yourself quenched and full, and not really wanting a soda anymore.

 For people who lament, “I just don’t like water!” there are lots of ways to jazz it up. Add mint, lemon, orange or even frozen berries to give your water a tasty makeover.

 #2: Do The Math

 Ever read the stories about people who lost a massive amount of weight … and the only thing they changed was cutting soda from their diets? It’s no surprise. Often, because it’s a drink and not a food, people don’t realize just how many calories are in a single bottle of soda.

 It’s eye opening to do the math on what it would take to work off those calories. You’d need to walk for 57 minutes to work off the calories in a 20 oz. bottle of cola!

 #3: Switch to Caffeine-Free

 A change in habit with the least amount of effort possible … that’s the dream, right? Well, consider this: by simply switching to caffeine-free soda, you could significantly cut back on your intake.

 In a 2015 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, soda drinkers were split into two groups and told to drink as much soda as they wanted for four weeks. One group got regular soda and the other caffeine-free.

The results? The regular soda drinkers guzzled 53% more than their caffeine-free counterparts.

 #4: Avoid Tempting Triggers

Do you associate certain activities or events as a perfect pairing for soda? These could include date night at the movies or chowing down on chips and salsa at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Until your soda habit is under control, it’s best to avoid triggers that are just too tempting.

 #5: Go Gradual

 Just like going cold turkey with anything is hard, it’s better for most people to quit soda gradually.

Assess your current soda consumption and then make a plan to cut back every week or two. The goal is to get to a place where soda is just a once-in-a-while treat … or eliminated altogether.

 You can do it! Follow these 5 quit tips and take control of your soda habit, starting now. Your smile, waistline and wallet will all thank you!

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