6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Marketing This Spring

Wouldn’t it be great to find some inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your dental marketing this spring?

Well, hang on to your mouth mirrors because we’re giving you 6 quick tips that are super easy to do!

 1. Redesign

Do you have posters and display ads scattered willy-nilly throughout the dental office? This makes it easy for patients to subconsciously ignore them.

Here’s a solution: Create a dedicated space with dental news or services that you want to promote. This way, patients will make a conscious choice to seek out the info … and act!


2. Do The “Write” Stuff

Is your correspondence with patients strictly limited to appointment reminders or “happy birthday” cards?

If you have some budding copywriters on your staff, quarterly newsletters or informative emails about your products and services are a great way to engage with patients.


3. Offer a Pre-Pay Discount

Who doesn’t love discounts? (No one we know!) And what dentist doesn’t love it when patients keep their appointments? (No one we know!)

Offering a 5% discount for those who pre-pay for their next service creates a win-win situation for both practice and patient.


4. Ask for Reviews

A good lesson for all areas of life: don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!

Many people take to the Internet to find a dentist, which makes reviews so important these days.

Ask your current patients to give a review on sites like Google and Yelp.

Make a commitment to respond to all the reviews, whether good or bad. It will show you care and give you a good pulse on where you and your staff could improve.


5. Referral Rewards Program

Do you have a way of saying thank you to patients who refer others? People love being recognized and rewarded with gifts when they share the news about businesses they love.

In turn, they’ll keep doing it!

Looking for a great gift idea? Let patients select an Oxyfresh at-home dental product, like mouthwash or toothpaste.


6. Take a Look at Your Website

Do prospective patients want to stick around when they visit your website or do they quickly move on?

Take a good look at your website and consider these questions:

  1. Are there beautiful images? People are drawn to what they want … a beautiful smile versus a cavity-filled mouth.
  2. Do you have a video? This is a great way to grab attention in this tech-friendly age.
  3. Is your website mobile-friendly?
  4. Does it have testimonials?
  5. Do you have a blog? This will allow you to engage with customers and establish yourself as an expert in certain areas.

There you have it – 6 easy ways to breathe new life into your dental practice this season. Happy marketing and happy spring from your friends at Oxyfresh!

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