7 Aha Ways to Make Your Patients Smile


Don’t worry; it’s not going to be Michael Bolton’s “Greatest Hits” piping loudly through the sound system on a continuous loop.

We’re laying out 7 Aha Ways to really make your patients smile!

#1: The Nose Knows

No single person’s sniffer reacts the same way to smells. That Estee Lauder perfume one person loves could be downright unpleasant to another. Some people are so sensitive to smells, whether it’s cologne or air fresheners, that they get dizzy and nauseous around them. Want a great way to purify the air, sans harsh chemicals and perfumes? Try this.

#2: Show Some Appreciation

Whether it’s a summer barbeque in the parking lot or renting out a special section at a ball game, your patients are sure to feel the love during a Patient Appreciation Week.

Not into anything extravagant? It can be as simple as signs, balloons, and gifts given out at the office!

#3: Get Social

Who doesn’t love contests, especially when you can win FREE STUFF?! If you’re not on Social Media, now is a great time to dive in! Do some raffles and hand out prizes for your fans who hit LIKE or comment. What a great way to organically spread the word about your amazing practice!

#4: Keep it Simple

While you may love talking bicuspids, your patients might meet you with blank stares. Flossing = good. Not flossing = bad. For many patients, this is the extent of their dental vocabulary. They will feel a lot more engaged when things are explained in simple, easy-to-get terminology.

#5: Be Flexible

No, not you. Patients don’t care if you can do the splits. But they do care about how flexible the office hours are. With people’s fast-paced, on-the-go schedules, flexibility is more important than ever. If you offer more flexible hours, this will not only make your current patients happy, but possibly attract new ones too!


#6: Play the Name Game

No one wants to feel like a number (Hey, this isn’t the DMV!), so if it’s not part of the office culture to remember people’s names and details about their lives, perhaps a cultural change is in order. Having a personal, family-like connection will go a long way in patient loyalty.

#7: Offer the Best Home Dental Products

We think you have that one covered already with Oxyfresh’s amazing line of home dental care products. Alcohol-free, dye-free and our secret odor-neutralizing ingredient, Oxygene®. Who wouldn’t smile?

If you want to discover some new favorite products, go to oxyfreshpro.com

Let’s Hear From You!

What do you do to make your patients smile? Share your secrets!

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