Exciting News about Bioaerosol Reduction!


During routine dental procedures, the risk to dental professionals and their patients from aerosol and splatter production has long been recognized.

In order to reduce bioaerosols, many dental teams have patients rinse before procedures with a product containing an antimicrobial agent, normally Chlorhexidine (CHX). This has been widely considered the most effective antiplaque agent.

But … CHX comes with a host of undesirable side effects, including tooth staining, dry mouth, and unpleasant taste. 

That’s why we’re super excited about a 4-month, double blind clinical studypublished in the April-June 2015 issue of Dental Hypotheses. (Read the full study.)

Well, hang on to your scalers, because we’re giving you a spoiler on the study results right now: Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse is just as effective as CHX in reducing aerosol contamination … but without the undesirable side effects.

Purpose of the Study:

3 different preprocedural rinses were put to the test to see how they reduced airborne bacteria during ultrasonic scaling: CHX, ClO₂ (chlorine dioxide – Oxygene®), and water.

Study Details:

120 chronic periodontitis patients were randomly separated into 3 groups. Each group used a different rinse before ultrasonic scaling.

Group A: rinsed with Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse (ClO₂)

Group B: rinsed with water

Group C: rinsed with CHX

5 blood agar plates were placed throughout the room so that the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) released into the air could be tested.


The Exciting Results:

  • Both Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse (ClO₂) and CHX significantly reduced bacteria during ultrasonic scaling. Rinsing with water-only made no significant difference.
  • Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse was just as effective as CHX in reducing bacteria … but without the undesirable side effects!

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