What causes bad breath?
In most cases, bad breath happens because of bad habits or bad oral hygiene. Smoking or eating things that promote bacteria growth in the mouth will create bad breath. Not cleaning the mouth thoroughly enough will only make it into a bigger problem.
What foods can cause bad breath?
The obvious ones of course are the smelly ones, garlic, onions and some cheeses. There are also the other ones, less obvious ones that will produce bad smelling burps, like radishes and cauliflower.
What are the common solutions of bad breath?
The most basic solution to prevent bad breath it to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and make sure to use that tongue scraper to prevent the bacteria growth on the back of the tongue.
This is question number two?
Yes this is the answer for question number two.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
3-7 business days when choosing Standard Shipping Method.
Will extreme heat and or cold affect my product while it is in transit?
No it will not. Our products are made to withstand extreme temperatures for a short period of time. If your product is frozen, let it thaw at room temperature.
Is it okay to premix the Pet Oral Hygiene and keep in the refrigerator?
Yes you can premix the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with water, as long as the container it is being stored in is very clean and it is not stored in direct sunlight.
Is it okay to use Pet Oral Hygiene in a charcoal fountain?
Yes, the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution will not be filtered out.
How often can I use Oxyfresh mouth rinse in a day?
As often as you feel necessary. It is perfectly safe to use multiple times a day.
How much detergent to use in a HE washer/ front loader?
We suggest you start with a ¼ cup of Detergent and adjust as needed.
Do you offer free shipping on a specific size order?
No. We do not offer free shipping.
CANADA: I am in Canada. How many days will it take for me to receive my order?
Within 10 business days
CANADA: Will I have to pick it up at the post office or will it be delivered to my door?
Your order will be delivered right to your door!
CANADA: Will I have to pay duty upon deliver?
CANADA: Is there a less expensive shipping option to Canada?
No there is not. We currently use one shipping option to export orders to Canada.

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