The One-Minute Solution: Oxyfresh Mouthrinses

Most dental companies that market products for oral malodor and prevention give you one choice when it comes to rinses. Here’s where Oxyfresh sets the standard in home care: FIVE mouthrinses, each with a unique combination of ingredients that insure each patient gets what is needed for long-term hygiene support and maintenance.

What do the FIVE Oxyfresh Mouthrinses have in common?

  • Oxygene® — Oxyfresh’s proprietary formula for sodium chlorite. Oxygene® is a special formulation that has a long shelf life, is pleasant tasting, and is extremely effective at neutralizing the VSC’s that are the primary cause of oral malodor.
  • Alcohol-Free — No burning, no drying of the oral tissues, and no potential for shrinkage of resins or degradation of bonding agents.
  • No dyes or colors — There is no valid reason to color mouthrinses and potentially stain teeth, especially with today’s emphasis on aesthetics. Oxyfresh rinses are clear and non-staining, and therefore support ALL of your cosmetic procedures.
  • Simple to use — Just use one or two capfuls (in a separate cup) undiluted for ONE minute or more. The Oxygene® now “activates” with the acidity of the oral cavity, and the result is a fresh, clean mouth.
  1. Power Rinse(Oxygene® + zinc acetate)
    Power Rinse tackles the toughest breath challenges with the unbeatable team of Oxygene® and Zinc Acetate, and a refreshing lemon-mint flavor that will give your patients complete breath confidence for up to 6 hours!
  2. Patented Zinc Mouthrinse(Oxygene® + zinc acetate)
    The ultimate deodorizing rinse. A 1999 CRA Fresh Breath Survey rated this patented rinse as the most effective of its kind on the market!
  3. Fluoride Mouthrinse(Oxygene® + 0.05% sodium fluoride)
    The ONLY rinse in dentistry that is alcohol-free, clear, deodorizes and fights cavities all in one fresh, mint-flavored rinse! Ideal for ortho and pedo patients, or anyone who is caries prone and needs extra support.
  4. Fresh Mint Mouthrinse(Oxygene® + xylitol)
    Oxyfresh’s GREAT TASTING basic rinse. Ideal for those who want a safe, effective, daily rinse for breath control and overall hygiene maintenance.
  5. Unflavored Mouthrinse(Oxygene® without mint)
    Ideal for those who don’t like or can’t use anything containing mint.