Random Acts of Kindness … for the Workplace!


If you’ve ever bought someone’s coffee behind you in line (or someone has done this for you), then you know how GREAT it feels! And science actually proves it: kindness is quite literally contagious!

Why limit your random acts of kindness to strangers only? You see your co-workers sometimes as much as your own family, so make the workplace a kinder, happier place and start doing some random acts of kindness. Here are a few ideas to try:

Surprise Goodies

Notice someone having a bad day? Surprise them with a goodie on their desk: a favorite coffee drink, treat, or even just a hand-written note with a compliment or word of encouragement. You’ll be amazed at how one little act can turn a frown upside down.

Go to Management

Ever seem like it’s just complaints that travel to the higher-ups? You can reverse this trend by sharing positive feedback about a co-worker with his or her manager. People love to feel like they’re doing a great job … and you’ll feel amazing shining the spotlight on someone else’s talents!

Create a Kindness Movement

Create a culture of kindness in the office … and get people excited about the movement! Have a stack of “Kindness – Pass It On” cards readily available for people to access and hand out with each act of kindness.

You can also do things as a group to show kindness to your community, from a food drive to a blood drive in the parking lot. Before you know it, you’ll have the happiest team in town!


Make the Break Room Less Bleak

Leave things in the break room for others to boost their happiness. Here are a few ideas:

  • Coloring books (not just for kids anymore!)
  • Inspiring novels to check out and bring back (start a mini- library!)
  • Stress ball
  • Mad Libs (guaranteed to get the laughter going!)
  • Rubix cube
  • Inspirational notes
  • Breakfast items / snacks

Give a Little Help to Your Friends

Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds that we forget the person right next to us who is overwhelmed and struggling. Many people will automatically say no to offers of help, so sometimes a different approach to the vague “How can I help you?” is in order. Instead, try being specific with how you can help, whether it’s a certain task or running to pick up lunch.

Have you ever been the happy recipient of an act of kindness? Share your experience with us!

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